Track time: positives from negatives

IMG_4609The trouble with using the bank of hire bikes in track sessions is the one you like may not always be free. Busy day at work today and I was a bit late. There are only a few bikes with a big gear that are available, and they were all being used. I was forced to use a big bike (too big) with a tiny 81 gear. The train had already started and there was no way on earth that I could keep up with them today on my tiny gear. I was simply running out of revolutions and my legs were spinning out, for no extra speed and just a whole lot of effort. 

I decided to put into practice what I had learned the other week and ride high round the corners, spinning down off the banking and using the track to give me speed into the straights. It takes some guts to ride straight down almost, of banking that steep, but as long as you don’t hesitate, all is well! 

It was working nicely. I hadn’t thought of the geometry of it all when I watched it on TV, but I was getting so much speed from the overtake maouvre high on the corners that I was spinning my legs off by the next corner!! 

Good practice for sure. I sat on the back of a train for a while, but they were a little too slow, so I decided to use them to practice my cornering techniques explained above to get free speed. 

It all worked nicely, and broke up the evening. It would have been a lonely slope around otherwise. 

IMG_4984I did smile when a friend said she didn’t recognise me, and thought I wasn’t there this evening. 

It was because I wasn’t wearing my usual Northants Tri top with union jack on, I was wearing this, to blend in! 



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