Grow your own!!

raised veggie patchIts not new news, but here in New Zealand, like in the UK, it is very often cheaper to buy junk food than fresh veg and healthy options in supermarkets, forcing families that live close to the bread line to feed their children junk food in order to afford to pay the bills.  What isn’t so usual in the UK, that is more common here is vegetable patches. EVERYONE has one, the size clearly depends on the size of your garden. It seems to be a large cultural difference. Only a few people, and not many that I knew personally, had a veggie garden. Here in New Zealand, due to import costs, many people grow their own to keep costs down.  Buying seasonally is a MUST here, because prices are hiked up by a large amount to keep food on the shelves all year round. That means that if you lived here, you would stop buying tomatoes round about now, heading into winter. This is because they are now double the price of most other seasonal veg.  So, are you looking to keep costs down, yet eat healthy? Then why not grow your own!! 

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