Track cycling Tuesday

track bike
I need one of these!


Always learning, that is the beauty of sport. This evening I was straight from work, running a little late, and the chain gang was already motoring when I rocked up this evening. The trust bike number 75 was no where to be seen, and I was all at sixes and sevens. 

I settled for an 89 gear XL framed bike. Not ideal, it puts me at full reach, but it was better than spinning out on an 81 gear. I set off minding my own business, letting the chain gang motor past. Today I was trying to focus further down the track. My aim was to steady my steering and relax my shoulders. I noticed that there were a small group of two about half a lap ahead. Could I catch them? Only one way to find out. I was judging the gap by where I was when they entered the corner. I was gaining on them gradually. It took some considerable effort and a number of laps to start breaking down the gap, but eventually I managed to get onto the back of them. Thank the Lord, I as knackered from the effort! I can see now how it all happens in the TDF, when the leader gets caught and gets spat out of the back of the peloton. That’s kinda what happened to me! Shirlene asked me why I didn’t ride up high and wait for them to come back round. Because I wanted to see if I could catch them! Now I know I can, I might try her technique next time, much less effort!

The trick with the steering was not to look at the wheel in front, but just beyond the butt in front! Seems odd but it really did help!

Absolutely no knee trouble, no issues with punishing myself beyond belief, I seem to recover relatively quickly, all I need now is some strength in the legs so I can get a bit more speed! 

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