Amazing children: bottle their courage

make it happenI have had quite a day to say the least. But that’s a story for another blog. I have met some quite amazing children over my time as a teacher. Children that face life threatening illnesses, major disability, one who was in a horrific car crash and is blind as a result, many many amazing children. 

This got me thinking. What happened to that type of courage that we had as a child? We gain a whole new set of values, judgments and limitations as adults, as part of our belief set. All that does is set boundaries beyond which we will not travel. 

For example, being afraid of heights. Can you think of something that you are afraid of that you were not afraid of as a child? Think for a moment whether you can pinpoint an event which may be the cause. 

Now decide if that fear is justified. Usually our beliefs are self preservation and we only want the best for ourselves, but the message tends to get jumbled up a little. 

Think back to some of those children I mentioned. One I recently met is facing a major back operation that will put her out of school for months. Now think about a limiting belief or fear of your own. 

Can you now see how easy it would be to eliminate that fear?

Happy Mondays!

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