Somewhere in the sky!


So round about now I am probably on a plane. Who knows what plane but I will have been sat there for a while let’s just say!

It was a sad day waving goodbye on an era, and difficult to look forward when I have no idea what I am stepping into!

Many people tell me how brave I am, doing such a bold move. The beauty is its so easy to stay in touch these days but I will miss some elements of England: namely the super fast broadband! I am expecting to get very frustrated on that regard, and New Zealand are very much behind in the 3G stakes!

I won’t miss the traffic jams, the crowds and lack of outdoor life due to living in such a crowded country with such odd weather!

I won’t miss the temperamental Gulf Stream which rules our strange weather!

I will miss the ease of access to so many places that are all so close, within and outside the UK but on the flip side, the space I will gain will be beautiful! I might even learn to ski with the mountains so close!

Will I miss the ConDems? No! I fear for what they are doing the the UK, but I bet politicians are the same all round the world!

20130412-120247.jpg What I will miss most though, is my family and friends, and specially my husband till he joins me in a month or so.

Next time I post, I will have arrived!

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