Take a moment to ponder


continuing the phoneography theme, I captured this picture this weekend, nice image, and how much it represents!

My time is becoming more and more precious as the time marches ever nearer to flight day on Friday. I feel like I am in some kind of surreal whirlwind and I will wake up soon! It just doesn’t feel real.

I have had a lot of time to reflect, I have spent a lot of time capturing ‘England’ in the past few weeks, but I took time out on Saturday to relax, have a coffee and simply watch life go by for a moment.

It was time to stop and think. How lucky I am to have the friends that I have, the wonderful family that I have, the amazing opportunities.

This one simple photo, frozen in time, reminded me how precious life is. It’s not a dress rehearsal, there is only one go at it. You need to make the most of all the opportunities that you are presented with.

Never live life wondering what if, open your mind to new horizons and opportunities.

If I stop and think too long I get tied up into stress surrounding the momentous move that I am about to make.

So instead I think about how lucky I am. How grateful I am that modern technology allows distance to be irrelevant in our social framework, and how wonderfully exciting it will all be a few weeks from now.

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