The small details


I am continuing on my ‘take photos of everything’ week, as the time that I leave marches nearer and nearer. This photo is a sunset in Knott End on Sea, I took several during my stay, and they are all beautiful. 

This past few weeks, training has taken a back seat, in fact, sometimes it is so far down the list of priorities it doesn’t even have a seat!! It s tough because my body shape has changed, I have lost muscle that I had while I was training hard, and I know that I am not as fit as I was, and that all coupled with the knee rehab which has also been halted, at the moment my life is taking white a different shape to normal. 

I have been forced to focus my priorities elsewhere, and for the first time in quite a while triathlon is not the no. 1 focus. But that’s OK, things change, life changes, and I am moving to a whole new country next week, so I have to focus on that. I have been taking more notice of my surroundings rather than my watch, my pace, and so on. 

A run route while I was visiting my parents in Lancashire this week.

I am currently training when I can, and my coach has been utterly brilliantly supportive throughout. What I have started to do though, is appreciate my health, the fitness that I do have, and am taking strength from the fact that I KNOW that I have the determination and focus to get the fitness and body shape back when I settle in New Zealand. Until then, I will continue to take photos of the amazing Great British countryside!

When I posted this photo up I also realised that it fits the current PHOTO CHALLENGE beautifully, looking at the bright bold colours highlighted by the morning sunshine. 

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