What are true friends?


I hadn’t really considered this at all till recent weeks. Yes, we know many many people, and if  had to make a list of the people I know, I really don’t know how long that would be, but who are the ‘friends’?

I guess I am about to find this out. But one person in recent weeks has illustrated this perfectly to me. 

A week, a year, half a lifetime,
time passes, but who cares.
The conversation will still resume
As if it was yesterday.

No questions, no demands
Always there knows what to say and do,
Sensing the dark times too,
and still a smile for you.

The bond stretched by miles,
by time, by life, by you
But never broken, never questioned
A friend for life, in you.


Perhaps the person I write about knows who they are, perhaps they do not. But, through these last few weeks I have come to know who my true friends are indeed, and to all of you, I thank you. 

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