Last day at work, end of an era

owl balloonIt was a sad day today, the last day as a UK employee, and the last day I would see my wonderful team of staff. I have to say though, they made it a truly special day which I will always remember.

I knew that they had grand plans when, from the start of the day I was banished from adjacent rooms without knocking, which later progressed to YOU CAN’T COME NEAR HERE!!

I had a feeling what they were up to, when I arrived and my door looked like this!

classroom doorWe planned a party in the afternoon for the children in my tutor group, I nice way to end the term and also say goodbye, which is difficult for Autistic children at the best of times.

What I was not expecting though, was cards and gifts from the students, and even more cards and gifts from the staff, including a ‘memories’ scrap book for me to keep, signed by all the children.

The staff had made a collection, and with the help of my LSA, came up with the ultimately perfect gift: ITunes download cards and New Zealand Dollars!

I have had the priviledge of working with and leading the most fantastically amazing, hard working friendly and supportive department of staff and I will miss them terribly.

The end of an era, and the start of a new one. I saved the tears till later, that was not the last image I wanted them to have of me.

My new school is called Ruru, which is a Maori word that means ‘owl’ hence the own based theme! I was given a beautiful huge cake by one member of staff who said she didn’t bake cakes, (although she is a brilliant cook!) and had been practicing for weeks! How sweet of her.

I was given loads of wonderful cards, gifts and messages, from both students and staff, I was bowled over with their kindness and gratitude.

It means so much to me to know how much I meant to them all, you just are never sure what people think when you are the manager. I feel proud that they have so much trust in me, and feel I did a good job. I feel really bad leaving them, they are truly wonderful and I hope they get an equally wonderful leader that they really do deserve when I am replaced.

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