Top 20 healthy eating tips

healthy eating This was a top 20 healthy eating tips article that was in my mag a while ago. A guest writer wrote it, and it has a lot of great tips in there. 

PLANNING Helps minimise the chance of unnecessary unhealthy snacking. It also helps to avoid emotional eating. How many times have you felt upset and eaten chocolate? I know I have! Then afterwards thought, I didn’t want that, I shouldn’t have eaten that, or some other similar thoughts? 

PROTEIN Helps build muscle, aid repair, make you feel fuller longer, and avoid unnecessary unhealthy carbs. Switch one of your snacks to nuts, for example, or a NAKD bar. Avoid high piling carbs, all that will do is store as fat! 

DISTRACTIONS Don’t eat chips, simply because someone else has some and they small nice! Do not be distracted by the smells around you. Stick to your plan! 

PLAN THE ENVIRONMENT Place the snacks where you are most likely to be when you need them, and make them healthy ones! If you know that you eat junk when you walk in the door, place the fruit by the door! 

DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST Its the most essential meal of the day, kick starts your metabolism and will help keep you full till lunch. Research shows that you are more likely to be overweight if you miss breakfast. If you struggle with this, try a fruit smoothie, or something similar instead. 

WHOLEMEAL Whole wheat is the way to go, makes you feel fuller, has more fibre, aids passage of fat through the gut. 

PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU EAT You are more likely to overeat if you sit with your dinner while watching TV for instance. AND, slow down!! chew more, enjoy your food, its not a race!! 

Take a look at the article for the full list of tips, and why not browse this blog or the mag for more healthy eating tips?

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