How to WIN according to GB cycling’s performance director

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‘We look at how can you get the person to be the best that they can be, then apply the sport to it’


This is so right. 

Your mind is an amazing thing. Some people call it your subconscious, I prefer unconscious. It is not less superior than your waking brain, and it is equally important.

There are many statistics bandied about in relation to how much of our brain scientists believe that we use. I cannot remember the precise numbers, I expect I could easily google it, but I do know that it is a significant portion, and it is thought that we only use a small fraction of our brain in every day life. 

Your brain can play tricks on you. Thoughts can become actions, even at an unconscious level. What do I mean by that? The moment you THINK that you cannot do something, a portion of your brain power is now focused on the negative. That means that you are no longer doing the best that you can do, and thus are more likely to NOT reach your potential. 

I knew it would be a bad day. 

This is an example I use a lot. If you set off out your door with this mind set, you will definitely have a bad day. Why? Well, it would not matter if your day was bad or good, your brain would simply focus on the negative elements in the events of your day, because that is what you, through your thoughts, told it to do. 

So, if you pretended, even though you may not initially mean it, your unconscious mind cannot tell the difference and thus, will look at the more positive elements of the day instead. ‘If you are not feeling happy, pretend, your unconscious mind cannot tell the difference’ 

Try it…? What have you got to lose?

Contact me to find out more about NLP and the power of the mind. 

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