Eat healthy and jump NHS queues?

obeseI saw this in the newspaper today, and to be honest, I stopped to read it, because on principle I thought it was a good idea.The suggestion is that people who eat healthy visit the gym and can prove that are healthy will be given priority for all non emergency operations and appointments.

They also suggest that people on benefits who make an effort to eat healthy and eat well should be given a cash incentive.

The idea overall is to make people be more responsible for their own health, arguing that people that are unhealthy are more likely to need the NHS making the system unfair. 

I like this idea, and I like it a lot. 

Why should people who are unhealthy as a result of a poor diet and lack of exercise get more free healthcare, and be prioritised?

I actually disagree with the whole gastric bypass idea, I don’t think that it solves the problem at all, which is their unhealthy diet, poor nutrition knowledge and lack of motivation, because, lets face it, why be motivated when you can just get an operation to fix it all? 

I could say the same about liposuction, operations to remove excess body fat, and the whole host of other methods that the surgeons have invented to give people with weight problems instant results. 

Why not make people WORK for the convenience of an instant solution by showing they are committed to this new slimmer healthier lifestyle first? Why penalise the likes of me, who could be stuck on a huge waiting list behind people who are rushed in for ‘urgent’ joint surgery caused by their weight? 

Are the government doing enough to tackle obesity? 

I don’t think so, personally. Junk food is too easily available, bad food choices and convenience foods are actually cheaper to buy than fresh, which is likely to be one of the reasons behind the obesity problem in the first place. 

A quarter of all adults are obese, and this figure is likely to double by 2050. Something needs to be done. A proactive approach empowers people to change their own lives, and the government actually helps, rather than does it for them, which is kind of what happens now. 

The approach I always take it to avoid the crazy crash diet approach and go for EDUCATION. when people understand the implications, along with what they can do to change things, they are much more likely to be motivated to achieve results, in my opinion. 

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