I got a tattoo!!


When I woke up this morning, I didn’t expect to be writing this blog today!! But, I am a little impulsive, things have to be now, if not earlier, so I guess its not too much of a surprise!! 

I have been considering a tattoo for a while. I decided that I wanted to get it in 2013 because its a home World Triathlon Championships year, there will never be a better time!

People who do Ironman get the M-dot logo, so why not get the ITU logo?! I did consider completing just one IRONMAN so that I could get the tattoo, and say I had done one, but the new parameters imposed on me following the knee diagnosis meant that I concluded that although the surgeon was not saying no to Ironman, it would be better for me in the long run if I didn’t. So, that is a choice that I have made, and I am not holding anyone or anything responsible, it was my decision. 

So, the tattoo would naturally have to be the ITU rings, right? Olympians get the Olympic rings tattooed, so why on earth not!? 

I had some time to spare this morning, was in town, so decided to go into the tattoo parlour and talk to them. I walked past a few times, and it looked daunting. I almost didn’t go in. When I opened the door I was greeted by a really friendly guy who leapt up and greeted me, making me feel at ease immediately (which is just as well, because I could have easily walked straight back out!) I am glad he didn’t look like the guy on his business card (above!) I showed him the logo, which I imagined was really easy for them to do, all things considered. He told me that I would be best with a guy called Trevor, (Hungarian, and tricky to understand!) who was really gentle! I asked about the pain involved, the time, and he reassured me that on a scale of 1-10 the pain was 8 and it would only take an hour! 

I needed to think about this. Never mind all that, I would not be allowed in the pool for ten days!! Coach would kill me! We discussed this enormous inconvenience and came up with a plan, lots of Vaseline, large waterproof plasters and some tape, so long as I gave it a couple of days. He did say the best bet was just to rest, and put my feet up! (You know athletes, IMPOSED rest doesn’t sit well!) 

An hour later, in I went. Are you ready? He asked…. as I will ever be!! 

20130309-155155.jpgA stencil was put on my leg so I could see what it would look like. 

We fiddled about with the letters, discussed the colour at length, he kept asking what I thought. I don’t know… I have never had a tattoo, you are the expert, you tell me!! 

With the colours lined up, off he went. In the background was an Ipod playing on the sound system: Metallica: Death Magnetic, Excellent, that will keep me amused! 

Did it hurt?

You are asking the wrong girl if you are wondering that! I have a very high pain threshold. I didnt even notice when walking the 2 miles to the station made me limp, it took hubby to point it out! I completed the World Championships on a damaged knee, 2 weeks before surgery, despite the surgeon saying I would not make it to the end! 

Did it hurt? On a scale of 1 to knee pain, no not really! Someone asked me that when I had a naval piercing. My answer then was – as much as you would expect it to if someone stuck a needle through your skin! My answer is still the same. Imagine repeated needle pricks / injections. That is what it felt like.

Fine lines were done with only one needle, thicker lines and block colouring with 3-5 needles. He showed the gun to me. The needles are very very fine, incredibly sharp and in a very close sheathed group. He said some large tattoos take a gun with up to 15 needles!! 

Yes, the more needles the more it hurt, for sure. the block colour hurt more than the outlines, but overall, no, it was much less painful than I was expecting it to be. 

I can’t wait till its healed when I will take another photo! 

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