Swim drills to improve your under water power

swim drillsHere are a set of Swim drills, these videos were shown to me years ago and I still think they are really good.

Drills are a way of exaggerating certain parts of the swim stroke in order for the body to learn position and movement. The drills allow us to put specific movement into our muscle memory. If we do it enough – and we do it right – correct technique should become second nature.


These drills teach you to  reach out far enough, therefore increasing the amount of water you will “grab” during the underwater pull-through. This in turn, will help increase distance per stroke resulting in fewer strokes taken over a given distance.

Catch 1: Glide, practice kick 

Catch 2: Side kick rotating into a catch

Catch 3: Side kick, elbow bend plus a stroke 

Catch 4: Side kick with correct catch

Please do not subscribe to this YouTube channel, I no longer use it. The YouTube channel I now use is Ryding2Health 

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