Feedback, not failure!

whether-you-think-you-can-henryWhen something does not go as we had planned, there is a tendency to deem it to be a failure. Depending on how big the problem is, we may also get worried, sad, angry, irritated, depressed, guilty, and perhaps a whole host of other things as well! 

Do any of those feelings serve a purpose?


What would happen if you saw the situation as feedback, rather than failure? A real life demonstration of how NOT to do something? Instead of being wrong, we have learned something from the event / situation, from which we can form a new plan of action and give it another go without feeling any of those negative emotions mentioned before. 

Is this just rose tinted positive thinking?

No, not exactly.

Edison identified around 1000 possible materials which were not suitable, before finding the ideal material for the filament of a light bulb. 

Many best selling books were turned down by more than two dozen publishers before they were accepted for publication. 


Don’t forget the poor talent scout at Decca records who turned down the Beatles, because they thought they would have no future in music! 

This week I will…..

Make yourself a target for this week, which involves positive thinking and learning opportunities that will be made out of anything that may not go according to your original plan. 

You will be able to see the learning opportunity from everything that doesn’t go your way, the negative emotions do not serve you and will not help you to achieve that goal. 🙂

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