I’m always hungry, its ok, I am an athlete

Eating and exerciseAn excuse that is used all the time. It’s ok, I ran earlier, it’s ok, I am doing a bike ride today, and so on. I have used it myself! But is it ok?

To an extent, but, actually, no! Today my husband said ‘what are you buying that for, I thought you wanted to lose body fat?’ He’s right.

The likes of Chrissie Wellington, Leanda Cave or any of those people full time ironman training probably can afford to not care less, but you and I? Yes we need to care.

Low blood sugars

This is caused by fatigue: sugar rush that you crave? Why not swap it for protein. Builds muscle and aids repair, and makes you feel fuller for longer.

Exercising for less than 90 mins at low/ med intensity?

Then you only need to use water, most likely. I see so many people in the gym with their bottle of Gatorade wondering why they are not losing weight, I even did it myself in the beginning. Look at the label. Fructose is sugar. Glucose is sugar. You do not need that, and sugar is a simple carb anyway, quick fix, quick crash. Yes that goes for those fruit-a-holics out there too. I nearly died the first time I looked at what was in my sports drink!


Next time you are about to eat junk and make yourself an excuse, stop. Think again. Now, do you REALLY want that chocolate bar? For the few moments that it will make you feel better, followed by the hours when you will feel worse?

One Comment on “I’m always hungry, its ok, I am an athlete

  1. Good info! Sometimes hunger when training especially can be just as much of a mental game as the training itself! But ultimately good nutrition aids in performance so much thay it is important not to ignor when you are eating.

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