Is it worth starting a blog schedule?

R2H blog scheduleI was reading something on the Daily Post, about the health of your blog. It mentions a blog schedule, so I thought about this and decided it might be a good idea. 

  • It stops me from rambling on
  • It focusses me on what to write, blogging daily can be hard work! 
  • It lets you the reader know what to expect. 

Here’s what I came up with: 

Motivational Monday: Focus on mind set, mental strength techniques, and that sort of thing, to help you start your week in the best possible way. 

Topical Tuesday: Simply something that is perhaps in the news this week, that is health, fitness or sport related

Training Tips Wednesday: Exactly what it says, training tips, based on real life things that you and I encounter, and how we can make ourselves even better! Perhaps including those silly little questions we always wonder and never dare answer! 

Mystery Thursday: Today I give myself free reign to talk about whatever I fancy, that is health and fitness related! 

Healthy Eating Friday: Some healthy eating tips, recipes, etc to help you plan out your weekend, and the week ahead.

‘Whatever’ Weekend: These days the posts could be about anything… you will have to visit to find out! 

As always, I welcome your thoughts, and would love to hear what you think, or whether I should just carry on as I have been doing! 

Thanks for reading!

Any ideas for future posts, or topics you would like covered, questions you want answering, contact us and we can do that, you can be named, or anonymous, its up to you! 

2 Comments on “Is it worth starting a blog schedule?

  1. I looks forward to your new blog schedule! I toyed with it for mine, but I couldn’t come up with enough ideas on any one topic to have frequently repeating categories. I do try to fit my posts into one of my headings, just so I can try to keep on theme, though.

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