Do you CHOOSE to succeed?


I was up early today on the turbo trainer. I decided to watch Derren Brown on 4OD. I find him intriguing and love watching him and analysing how he does what he does.
Some elements of it are so transparent when you know what to look for!

Still, that’s for a separate blog! He did get me thinking though. About mind set.

I think I have said this before, but people often forget that you do in fact CHOOSE how you feel. You choose what bothers you, choose what doesn’t, and often that changes depending on your environment.

For example: an event / circumstance that you can handle one day perhaps affects you differently on another day.

Sometimes we head put in a certain mood thinking ‘this is going to be a bad day, I know it!’ What happens? Yes, it’s a bad day. You CHOSE that, before your day even began. That means that your internal filters that you use all the time to process the world around you and make sense of it, are set (by YOU) to filter out anything but negative events in your day, to quantify the fact that you decided it would be a ‘bad day’.

The same processes are used for everything that you do.

Let me give you another example: You are trying to give up sugary snacks. Now lets look at the wording of that.


That in itself creates a type of event in your mind. It suggests something that requires an awful lot of effort, but not a success.

Someone that uses the words ‘I’ll try’ is not fully committed to that process. Therefore they will fail, because they will end up saying ‘I told you it wouldn’t work!’

Why not decide now?

Your mission, is to CHOOSE to have a good day tomorrow. To CHOOSE to commit to that goal and word it something like this:

By the……..(date) I WILL………

Get a blank piece of paper. Draw a mind map, detailing all the reasons / things / events that will prevent you from achieving what you want to achieve.

Take a look at your paper. Cross out with red marker all the things that are based on an external event / person / something that is out of your control. How many do you have left? When I did this, not many! Now look at those remaining. Reword each one into a positive frame. Order them in importance.

Now it is your goal to set a time frame inside which you will achieve each target.

By the end of the process, you have eliminated all your EXCUSES.

You WILL achieve that goal!

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