‘FAT TAX’ – in the news again!


‘Fizzy drinks should be heavily taxed and junk food adverts banished until after the watershed, doctors have said, in a call for action over obesity.

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, which represents nearly every doctor in the UK, said ballooning waistlines already constituted a “huge crisis”.

Its report said current measures were failing and called for unhealthy foods to be treated more like cigarettes.’

From the BBC website

Would a ‘fat tax’ on food really work?

Perhaps we need to tackle the misconceptions given to the public by bad and ill informed media campaigns, rather than simply whacking on more tax. 

Lets face it, does taxing cigarettes stop people from smoking? No. If it did, the cigarette companies would go out of business. 

Its recommendations include:


Advertising is the biggest issue here, in my opinion. The other issue is false marketing  leading people to believe they are buying healthy options when in fact they are not. Remember the findings when McDonalds salads were investigated? How high in fat were they, due to the dressings, etc?

Further taxes on sugary drinks to increase prices by at least 20%

This will not stop people from drinking them. EDUCATION will. People think that LOW FAT is better. It isn’t. it is more often than not, worse.

A reduction in fast food outlets near schools and leisure centres.

No junk food or vending machines in hospitals, where all food must meet the same nutritional standards as in schools

In my gym / health club, there is no restaurant, but there is several vending machines stocked with junk food and sugary drinks.

When I walk from the gym to the bus stops in town I pass several fast food places. in fact, fast food is easier to get in my town than healthy food. This would be a wise measure to put in place.

A £100m budget for interventions such as weight-loss surgery

I am really not sure how I feel about weight loss surgery. I still think there is a bigger place for education. No amount of surgery (unless it is a medical issue) will correct the problems that led to the overeating in the first place. That is why ‘diets’ are so short lived. 

Food labels to include calorie information for children

Will children really care? will they even read the labels?

What do YOU think?

Do we tackle the companies at source, prevent them from producing unhealthy foods? I would love to hear what you think about this now GLOBAL issue.

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