Normal? Common? Typical? NOT ME!!

normalDaily Prompt: Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others live the high life. Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might. Now, tell us at least six unique, exciting, or just plain odd things about yourself.

Ok, I will try and take a break from the norm and think of 6 things I have not mentioned before: 6 Things that you may not expect from me. I won’t mention the weight loss, the sport, nothing that I normally blog about. So, here goes….

  1. I hold a music degree and can play the flute, clarinet and piano. Many people are surprised by that, because I took a complete U turn and now teach special; needs, am a nutritionist and triathlete. Nothing I ever did originally. 
  2. I used to make corn dollies, and wanted to open a craft shop when I was younger. This would surprise you if you knew me, I have very little patience any more! The biggest thing I made was a 3 foot cross for my mum for harvest at her church. it took about ten hours non stop. Once the corn is wet you can’t stop till you finish! 
  3. When I was at college, I was a ‘metal head’! Doesn’t quite go with flute playing, does it! I Love heavy metal. Metallica is my favourite band. When I was a teenager I wanted to look like that. Now I quite like looking nothing like a metal head, and watching people’s faces drop in surprise when I tell them what is on my IPod!
  4. I actually wanted to be a doctor, not a teacher. My careers advisor told me I was rubbish at maths and to forget it. If I knew then what determination I have, I would have told her to stuff it! 
  5. I have played a flute concerto in Bath Abbey, I was bricking it, being the headline soloist! I really wanted to be a professional musician. I was just not quite good enough though, to get into a music school after university. Probably did me a favour, my life wouldn’t have turned out like this would it!?
  6. OH had a motorbike. I told him I hated it. I then went and learned to ride a motorbike myself in secret, and didn’t tell him till I was almost ready to do the test! I wanted to do it because it was something that women didn’t do back then. It gave me satisfaction to break the mould! 

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