Changing training, changing body shape

Lately I have been feeling a bit like this. I am not suggesting I think I am as fast as these guys, But I do feel like I have a huge wide fat @ss and enormous shoulders!

Over the last few months my training has been rather different than normal, due to the knee op, the restrictions that brings, and the adaptations that have had to be made. I have been working harder than I have ever worked in the pool, way more than normal on the bike / turbo, and running much much less than normal.

I had not appreciated the different muscle groups that you use for the different sports before, I have ALWAYS swum, cycled and run in combination since I took up sport. Therefore, until one is taken away, you don’t appreciate these things.


According to my new areas of pain and tightness in last nights sports massage, The outer sides of the quads, and the ham strings are the main areas that you work hard when you are cycling. More pain in both these areas than normal confirms how I have been cycling a lot lot more than normal. It would also explain why my trouser are beginning to become tight in the thigh and hip area. I am pleased my anatomy of pain confirms that I haven’t just developed a fat @ss!!


Here is the anatomy of the leg muscles. When a little bit of pace (and I mean LITTLE) was put into the runs this week, I definitely felt tired in the legs, but it was a different muscle. It was more the hip flexors and the muscles down the middle of the quad.

To me, the areas where my sports masseuse found knots simply confirms how your anatomy changes, according to how your training changes.

I had not noticed the difference between cycling and running in such a marked way before this week.

The swimming is going well, but because I had for quite a while, been swimming with just arms, until the knee was up to it, my shoulders and lats have been taking the load. I don’t half notice it. Some of my jackets that I wear for work are becoming tight on the shoulders.

I have stopped stepping on the scales. I know the weight is the same, and the body dimensions are different, but that’s sport. I would rather be fit and strong any day, than skinny, weak and unfit.

The important thing to remember is the % body fat. Muscle weighs more, so do not be disheartened by the reading on the scales, as your training increases, and you become fitter. 

2 Comments on “Changing training, changing body shape

  1. Since mid-December, I have been on a strict sedentary protocol due to an Injury causing pressure on the spinal cord. I can attest that muscle weighs more than fat! Although I have been careful to cut back on calories, I am still trying to pack in the protein for healing. ( it would actually be easier on me, mentally, to go on a strict lo-cal diet, but I am trying to be healthy with this). Although the weight on the scale hasn’t changed, I am now wearing my fat pants, 4 sizes bigger, and they are starting to strain at the seams. Less muscle =more volume.
    More incentive to keep myself on the healing I can get better and back to exercising ASAP!
    Happy to hear you are on the road to recovery!

    • It’s hard isn’t it, when you have been so active. I am sure that a part of my problem is exactly that too – muscle v fat, but the change in shape I am sure is because I now also have muscle in different places! Here’s to a smooth recovery for the both of us!

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