The New 2 DAY DIET: any good?

2 day dietThe Daily mail have started producing ‘a new revolutionary 2 day diet plan’, as a series of three articles in this weeks paper.

What’s it all about?

Here is how they explain it:

The diet days:

WOMEN: 4-12 portions (30g) protein, Men 4-14 portions

WOMEN: up to 5 fat portions, Men 6 fat portions (one portion is 1 tps margarine)

3 portions dairy (1 portion is 1/3 pint milk, 3 tbsp yoghurt)


Gluten free snack rules and a vegetarian option

Non Diet days

Carb protein and fat portions restricted according to height and weight, with an average of 9-11 portions of carb and 4-16 portions of protein.

My take on it all?

Basically it is a 2 day a week non carb diet. I have said many times now how people do not realise that there are so many hidden carbs in foods that we do not even think about. Carbs are for energy, and the surplus is stored as fat. Our muscles can only store a very limited amount of carbs as glycogen. The rest we store as a muffin top!!

Examples of foods containing carbs:

  • Things containing sugar: cakes, biscuits, sweets, fruit, dried fruits, sugary cereals, jams  
  • Anything that says low fat will contain aspartame, a man made sugar
  • Potatoes, crisps, chips, etc
  • Pizza

Ant this is just for starters.

It isn’t rocket science. Good balanced healthy nutrition, sensible eating and exercise will work. Diets? Usually mean pain, suffering and short term results.

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