Medical care: a God given right?

healthcare-in-canada-uk-usToday’s daily prompt:

Is access to medical care something that governments should provide, or is it better left to the private sector? Are there drawbacks to your choice?

A national health service is a beautiful idea but is it sustainable in the current climate? Who pays for it? And how? 

Today in the Daily Mail it reports that the UK is the immigration magnet of Europe. Economic collapse in Spain and tighter controls in Germany has been the combination cause to make Britain the migrant country of choice.

Can our National Health service really cope with all this? With increasing numbers of people trying to claim benefits, perhaps as a result of the above, where will all the money come from? The NHS is buckling under the strain of it all. We are expecting more and more for our money, and complaining more and more when we find that it is not working.

What is the choice? I am severely against the idea of privatising all the country’s services, however perhaps we have now reached a crunch point where things need to be done.

The recent news that is coming out of the investigations into the goings on in Staffordshire are highlighting the shortcomings of the nation’s health service, yet people still are expecting health care for free.

Here is an interesting point to note. Last November I had a knee operation. I went to the doctor with what I thought was a fair idea of the problem. Through patient choice, I called the local private hospital across the road from the NHS hospital. I was seen within a week, as an NHS patient. I had an MRI within 5 days, the results within another 5 days, and a choice of when to have the operation, which was in fact within a month of the original consultation. All as an NHS patient. Meanwhile, my parents in a different part of the UK wait months and months to get any treatment of any sort, still as an NHS patient.

The thing that frustrates people the most, I think, is the inconsistent performance of the NHS up and down the country. Perhaps this was as a result of the mini privatisation that took place a few years ago, turning it into a series of NHS trusts, effectively a little bit like the school / academy drive at the moment.

If people knew and could see that some of their national insurance payments were going towards improvements of the service, staff were not put under so much pressure to spread themselves so thinly, perhaps less doctors would revert to the private sector.

In order to continue to provide a national health service, I believe the funding of such needs to be much more transparent, and clear to the general public. The monitoring of who comes through the doors needs to be clearer, and perhaps visiting and non contributing members of the public need to be held more to account.

If you visited another country and fell ill, you would get a bill, unless you were a contributing citizen. Why is Great Britain not the same?

Yes, I do think that we should have the right to healthcare, but we need to ensure the plan is sustainable and deliverable.

6 Comments on “Medical care: a God given right?

  1. I agree with you about sustainability, but overall universal healthcare is much better if funds are allocated correctly and proper investment is made on prevention of medical conditions. For the opposite extreme of this healthcare coin regarding insurance companies and medical costs you should check out how bad it is overseas. We need balance.

    It might suck waiting for some procedures, but at least you have access to them and do not have to become bankrupt to obtain them. Many of us in America do not.

    Also, my own father had a heart attack while working overseas in Great Britain and did nothing, but compliment your healthcare system. He did not wait any longer than he would have in the states and received what he considered to be excellent care.

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