Will E-readers ever replace books!?

ereadersHow do you prefer to read, with an eReader like a Kindle or Nook, or with an old school paperback in hand? This week’s weekly writing challenge…

I used to think they were just gadgetry  until I was bought an IPad by my husband before we went to New Zealand for the World Championships. He said it was to stay in contact with the UK. I found that in fact, I was more inclined to write if I had the IPad, I downloaded books on the phone, but to be honest, just could NOT read them on the tiny screen. Although the IPad is bigger than an E reader, I have found digital books are way easier to access, I can carry the Ipad round in most bags that I carry. Not only that, I have a portable, tree friendly note book. I can take notes, email them to myself, to others, sync to my phone, my computer, I am quite amazed at the possibilities that are available! 

Does it replace the good old book?

I am not sure that it does. I have several books that have been signed, including Chrissie Wellingbton’s autobiography. That would not be possible on an electronic book! In fact, I wouldn’t want it to be possible!! 

In my opinion, an E reader is a welcome digital addition to the world of books, but is not, for me, a replacement. 

But then, I said that with CD’s and cassettes too! 

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