Channel 4 Dispatches; have you watched it yet?

ww promoIf not you should. It confirms many things that I have said already about diet programmes, I urge you to watch it. 

Yes, weight watchers works, I have done it myself. But it is not a long term sustainable way of eating. 

  • You cannot live your whole life around points. In order to make this easy to do, what do they do? sell a whole load of supporting merchandise to make you spend even more. 
  • It teaches you nothing about the value of food, the good and bad things to eat, and how to balance diet and weight
  • It is a quick fix diet and once you stop their plan, the weight returns in over 80% of cases covered in the programme
  • The actual cost in ££ membership for 1lb of weight loss for one lady in the programme was £101 per lb. That is astronomical
  • The programme is designed for them to keep you on it long term. 
  • As I have said before a very low fat diet is detrimental to your health. You need a certain amount of fat in your diet in order for things to continue to work. Without fat, my thyroid began to fail. When I added fat back in, it now is working ok. 

Incidentally I was asked if I wanted to be a leader. What do you get for being a leader? Its like a franchise, so you get commission for every member, for everyone you sign up onto a long term deal and for all merchandise sold. 

What did I say? NO!!

I also applied to be on their ad campaign. You would think that fat to GB athlete would be the perfect angle? no. They told me I was to extra ordinary! 

please, beware of anyone who says ‘diet’ unless they are referring simply to what you eat. Many many people associate the word with crazy rules, very little to eat, pain, crash dieting  massive weight loss and massive weight re-gain.

Watch this dispatches programme, you will think differently about low fat diet foods. 

Who should watch this dispatches programme?

  • Anyone who has been on a crash diet
  • Anyone who thinks rapid weight loss is a good idea
  • Anyone who has been on a well known diet programme such as weight watchers or slimming world 
  • Anyone who buys foods that say diet or low fat
  • Anyone who doubts that simple good healthy nutritional information is sufficient to lose weight and keep it off. 

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