Dealing with myths: weights make you fatter

Weight%20Training_previewI was in the changing cubicle the other day and a group of swimmers were having a conversation nearby. I couldn’t help but listen to it, as I got changed, it was a conversation I have heard many times before. It frustrates me each time I hear it.

They talked about training, nutrition and weight management so I will deal with them in separate blogs.

Weight management

One swimmer was discussing with another how he wanted to lose some weight – perhaps a stone and a half. He had decided that he would go running, and did around 5k three times a week on top of his swim training with the swimming club. He also was doing weights at home too, he explained to his friend, but said that weights contradicted his goals of losing weight.

Muscle weighs more than fat soI might end up weighing more, not less, which contradicts my goal 

Muscle does in fact weigh more than fat, yes. But, we need to be specific about the original goal. He does not want to lose ‘weight’ exactly, more specifically he wants to lose ‘body fat’. Most people who talk about losing weight really mean they want to lose excess fat.

What role do weights have in weight management?

Weight training increases your fitness, which in turn increases your metabolism. A higher (more effective) metabolism in effect means your body is more effective at burning excess fat, meaning that you are in the long run, going to burn off the body fat faster, thus, become more lean.

Does weight training make you fatter?

Participiating in resistance training will build muscle which weighs more than fat, but in the long run, and in combination with cardio based activities for fat burning – no, weight training will not make you fatter! Muscle burns more calories than fat, even at rest. So, go ahead and turn your body into a  fat burning machine!!

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