I won an ‘inspiring blog’ award!

Inspirational blog award Thank you so much to laid back life for nominating me for this blog award, I feel very honoured. It is so lovely to know that someone finds inspiration in the things that I write. I was inspired to start my journey to health and wellness by the amazing Jane Tomlinson. I am simply giving back a little of what I got from Jane: the courage to go and get everything that I want from life without hesitation or doubt. If I inspire just one person to do the same, then I feel I have done my job: I think you call it ‘pay it forward’ ? Thank you to each and every one you my wonderful readers and thank you for all the wonderful feedback you give.

Focus, adapt and achieve: go and nail those goals!

So, the rules say I have to tell you seven things about myself and nominate 10 others for this award.

7 things about me

  1. Until 2005 I didn’t do a stitch of exercise and was a junk food beer monster!
  2. I actually find running relaxing, a wonderful way of de-stressing. Who’d have thought, after all those years of hating it!
  3. After giving up alcohol and chocolate initially to loose weight, I am now take it or leave it with both!
  4. Maintaining my weight still requires work. I don’t think it will ever be natural
  5. I like to prove people wrong, tell me I can’t and I will show you how many ways I CAN
  6. I have a music degree
  7. When I was at school I wanted to be a doctor, I was told I wasn’t brainy enough!

Lovely blog awardMy nominations:

To be honest, I am still seeking good bloggers who blog regularly, if you know of some, let me know!! 

Fit for a year

Things could be worse (always makes me smile!)

Chittle Chattle

Sketches from memory

Alice Payne (teenager who recently lost her cancer fight)

Siren Voices

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