Use music to anchor your strengths

music_healsMusic plays a strange yet important role in many of our lives. For some of us it relaxes, for some releases, many use music for exercise, and some to remember. What a power music has over us

Music has many roles, for me. I use music to relax and empty my mind, I use it to remember, to motivate, inspire, entertain, and drive me. 

Have you ever considered creating a playlist of music for a specific purpose, or to create a specific emotion? 

Music as an anchor

Music that means something to us has the power to re-invoke many feelings in us, memories, emotions, much the same as creating and firing anchors, a technique that can be done with NLP to help create certain emotions on demand, for example, focus, motivation, and so on. Many athletes use the anchoring technique in their races, and in fact, many politicians use NLP too. It is possible to create such an anchor, usually physical anchors. Music often creates the effect in us without our realising it. 

For example:

This is a track that starts my run playlist. It was kinda given to me as a theme tune as a result of this headline in a local paper prior to me travelling to Israel for this years European triathlon championships! It fires me up and gets my race face on each time I hear it now!


Create your own playlist of emotions

Think for a moment what emotion you would like to recreate on demand. Perhaps you are trying to get fit in the January new years resolutions drive? Perhaps you are finding work stressful and want a way of relaxing? 

Create yourself a list of songs that are important to you, make sure they are apprioriate to the emotion you are trying to evoke. 

Create a playlist on your phone, MP3 player, wherever. Call it the emotion that you have decided upon. Carry the earphones with you, and listen to it when you need to. 

Instant on demand emotion, with the help of NLP. 

If you want to find out more about NLP, creating anchors or creating and maintaining positive emotions, contact me 🙂 

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