Breaking the ‘rules’ – who made the rules anyway?

dietLife is full of rules. Written and unwritten ones. Society is based on rules. we, in the end, conform to the rules, without even realising it. How many places in your life do people tell you what to think? Advertising, TV, media, social networks, there is just a few of many many levels of rules we operate under. 

How diet has changed 

Think for a second about ‘diets’ like the Paleo diet. Supposedly we are returning to natural foods from the earth’ if we follow a diet like that. But who said that you had to purchase all the processed foods that are put before you on the supermarket shelves these days? Who said that you HAD to eat that chocolate bar with your coffee every morning? Who said that you HAD to have that meal out or that take away every weekend? That ‘one more’ drink, that ‘one more’ cake… getting the drift? 

We all say that we are too busy, too this too that, we make excuses all the time. 


Then, once we have accepted the ‘rules’ then we accept this new state as the new NORM. its ok, I have always been a little bigger. Its ok, I am cuddly. Its ok, I am big boned. Is it REALLY ok? 


Only YOU are in control of what goes in your mouth. No one else. 

What should you do next? 

  • Write three targets. Three things that you would REALLY like to be / do / achieve. 
  • Write the top three excuses that you use to prevent these things from happening. 
  • Write three things that you can do TODAY to start on your path to achieving your new goals.
  • Finally, look at your excuses. make them into a spider diagram, with the excuse in the centre. write down all the things you think when you look at that excuse. highlight all the ones that are external blame, things you cannot control. 
  • Now look at that excuse again. Write one positive thing YOU can do that will banish this excuse. 
  • Now tear the paper up, saying to yourself ‘I CAN do this’ ‘I WILL do this’ 

Step one of your journey complete. Well done!

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