Lance Armstrong Admits to doping… AT LAST

Photo from The Guardian

The long awaited Lance Armstrong interview was aired on American TV last night, where he finally admits to cheating in order to win the Tour de France.

Lance Armstrong was so insistent for so long, that many would be forgiven for actually thinking that it may be possible that the authorities were out on a vendetta and he was innocent all along.

With it now all out in the open, it seems there are even more questions to be asked. I am glad that Armstrong has finally admitted it. Many say that continuing to deny it would have been futile.

How did it all occur, unnoticed, for so long? Who else was in on it helping him to make it possible? Did the other team members know about it? How come none of the authorities actually noticed all this till now? Will he be tried for defrauding all his sponsors for all the tiome that they supported him?

When asked was it humanly possible for someone to win 7 consecutive times, he said no. In the clips I have seen so far he looked cool calm and collected throughout. So what game is he still playing? Here is the ABC’s news video footage.

I expect this interview was long rehearsed on the part of Lance himself. Many hours with linguists and lawyers practicing and polishing his performance.

The pure truth though, is that he has managed to single handedly put the entire sport of cycling into disrepute. For that, many will struggle to forgive him.

I cannot understand what satisfaction someone gets from cheating. All you are doing is cheating yourself. Neither Armstron, nor the world will ever know exactly how brilliant a cyclist he actually was, where his natural talent and determination ends and where the drugs begin.

What does this teach the youth of tomorrow? If at first you can’t succeed, then cheat? Disgraceful.

I can hold my head high proud to say that everything I have achieved has been through determination, hard work and self belief. Ok, I am not on the same level as Armstrong is, but I would never EVER consider cheating so I could, for example, win a triathlon. I do not see the attraction in that at all, no personal satisfaction and no personal sense of achievement.

Was the whole thing cash driven? If so, I think he needs to be held accountable to all the companies that sponsored him over the years, because it is in effect, fraud on his part.

I am proud to be part of a sport like triathlon where doping is vehemently opposed, and viglantly monitored, both by the authorities and the athletes themselves.

Utterly disgraceful, he should be ashamed of himself. The sad thing is, he doesn’t seem to care much.

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