Determination is what I am made of!


Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favourite thing about yourself.

I thought for a moment about this and something came right into my head. I was interested in seeing what hubby said though, so I asked him too. He said exactly the same thing. 


I have to say that I am incredibly proud of my achievements so far. I truly believe that your only limitation is yourself.

The beginnings

From early in my twenties, the phrase that motivated me was ‘you can’t’. I did not like someone else being in charge of what I could or could not do, so every time I set out to prove them wrong. In 1997 I decided to take up rugby playing. For years people had been telling me that girls didn’t do that kind of sport, it was only for men. That was the red rag that I needed. Perhaps I would have been a suffragette in a past life!

Major injury

8 Then I tore my cruciate ligament. ‘You will never play again’ I was told. Nope, not having that either. So I reinvented myself as a referee instead.  For years I battled sexism as well as ageism. Despite all that I did rather well actually, and finished by refereeing an international friendly. 

The New ME!

In the process I decided to remodel myself and lost 4.5 stone, in less than four months. Everyone told me crash diets would not work, and I would put it all back on. Nope. Wrong again. 

Learning to be a triathlete

My next reinvention was into a triathlete. First I had to relearn how to ride a bike and have swimming lessons, I had no idea how to do front crawl. Now the swim is my best discipline. That was not enough for me though. Not satisfied with that, I not only earned myself a place on the Great Britain team, but retained it for what will be the fifth consecutive year this year. 

Other achievements 

graduationAlong the way I learned how to ride a motorcycle (because women didn’t do that either), completed not only a foundation degree but also a masters degree (would I love to talk to that teacher at school who told me I wasn’t bright enough to do a degree!) and recovered from a head injury to complete a world championships race only 8 weeks after the accident, which my doctor didn’t believe was possible. 

The new challenge

This is why I am confident that I will conquer my latest challenge: I was told in September, only two weeks before this years world championships that I needed knee surgery urgently. I completed the race and wasn’t last Brit, not even last in the world, despite the surgeon thinking that would not be possible, (but boy did I cry in pain afterwards).  I have been told that I will need a knee replacement within ten years, because I have grade 4 damage to the cartilage (there is nothing higher than grade 4). I am only 41. 

BUT… You are your biggest limitation, and I am not going to let myself limit what is possible. ANYTHING is possible. 

What the mind can conceive, you can achieve. 

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