Battle of the Bermuda shorts: life from the slow lane

imageYou notice all sorts of things from the slow lane, where your head is above water and you can look around you!

Aqua jogging allows me to people watch, well, what else is there to do!

Budgie smuggler man got into the fast lane just after I got out. Then following him was a young lad in Bermuda shorts. He looks like a surfer dude but I know him and he swims FAST. I watched with amusement to see what budgie smuggler would do. As per last visit, he waited till the guy almost got back then set off. Length after length the Bermuda shorts guy swept past him – doing a variety of strokes, it was hilarious. He gave up in the end. It must be a man thing, because he NEVER gives up on me!

The next visit, I was swimming – the first time I was allowed to use my legs for a set. Budgie smuggler get in and gave me that ‘look’. I smirked inwardly because what he didn’t know was today was the day he was going to get chicked by someone not only just doing pull, but also using arms AND legs! Poor guy, not only did I pass, flew past! Length after length he played his game, actually think he was pacing off me and paying a little game to see how much of a gap he could allow and stay ahead. All it did for me is give me a target!

On my next visit I was just aqua jogging. I trotted off into the slow lane, with the old dears. Some of them I could aqua jog past, which did amuse me. A guy who always says hello looked surprised that I was him his lane and he asked why. When I explained, he stuck his goggles back on, stuck his head under and checked that I didn’t actually have the ability to walk on water! The same thing happened a few days earlier too! A woman in an adjacent lane asked what I was doing, then looked under the water, because she asked was I walking on the bottom! (What, at the deep end, I don’t think so!)

There’s nowt as queer as folk in swimming pools! Today my issue was that the fast lane was full of neck up New Years resolutions! Good grief! They need a lesson in readîng signs… This is the FAST lane!

One thing all this arms not swimming has taught me though, I am being a wuss and need to use them shoulders way more than I had been doing!

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