Failure? If only you could see me now!

‘Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse.’

a-big-fat-failureThe very first thing that came to mind was the careers teacher at school. I was in third year (year 9) and it was options evening. I decided I wanted to be a doctor. Anatomy always fascinated me. The trouble was, school did not come easy. I was in the C / D borderline group, in the very first year of GCSE’s. That meant that I had spent my lower secondary years learning O level rote style then suddenly, teachers were asked to teach coursework!

I was told by the teachers that I wasn’t brainy enough. There was no way I could be a doctor because I was rubbish at maths. I should give up the whole idea and think of something else. I was devastated. What should I do? I had no idea. 

All I considered myself to be any good at back then was music, so that is what I did. 

I would love to talk to that silly careers teacher now. 

I have a foundation degree in music, with honours, a Masters degree in education. I am an NLP practitioner and coach, hypnotherapist, time line therapist and nutritionist. That’s just to name a few. 

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it! I only wish I had the get up and go to do back then what I have done most of my life since – use it as fuel with which to fire my enthusiasm and desire to prove everyone wrong!  

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