Let out onto the road!

Does this look ‘none running’ enough?!

Wear a coat, jogging bottoms but definitely not anything that will make you want to run fast!’ Said coach.

Today was an exciting day! I was ‘let out’ onto the streets, first run since 18 November, the day before the operation. I was only allowed to run 10 x 20 seconds, to see what happened. My gosh, I thought, that might just about get me to the end of the street! I took fleece, jumper and phone, because I knew that I would need that structure to keep me in control!

Mind control

When I set off down the road, I was thinking about the knee, where in the knee I got pain, focussing on whether it hurt. I was afraid I might injure it more. The more I thought, the more it hurt. It was a classic case of what I talk about all the time.

if you think you will have a bad day, you will have a bad day

I realised what I was doing wrong, and decided to think about the whole leg, the posture, the drive, all the muscles in the leg that are involved in propelling you forwards. When I started to do that, it stopped hurting and was actually ok.

I am a happy bunny. I ran, I conquered, and I NLP’d myself into approaching it all correctly to guarantee success!

Small steps…..

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