Going it alone: China, 2011 without ‘Team Mel’

IMG_0042Obviously, my favourite person is my wonderfully supportive husband, who has been right there when I needed him over many many years. Through thick and thin, we are still an incredibly strong team, so when I had to go to china for two weeks on my own in 2011, it was going to be tough. 

Supportive times

Helmets Sve Lives
Holding the broken helmet, following the cycling accident in 2011

He was at the roadside in an instant, the day the policeman called him from my mobile to say they had found me unconscious in the road following a cycling accident. He was with me in the hospital, and every step of the way through the journey back to health. 

He has stood on the roadside shouting support at almost all my triathlons, right from day 1. When I began attempting to qualify for Great Britain, he was there too, taking photos and shouting encouraging words whilst also reporting my position and how many of my age group were in front and behind me. He is my bag carrier, organiser, mental strength support, and best friend. 

When I was told about my knee injury 2 weeks prior to the World Championships this year, he was right there again, supporting encouraging and picking up the pieces, putting me back together for the race. 

Going it alone

When I qualified to represent Great Britain the first time in 2009, I sold my triumph Daytona in order to afford for us both to go. He told me that it was ok, he would stay home. To me that was not an option. He had been at least 50% of reason why I got into that team. 

So, it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do when, in 2011 I had to travel to China for the 2011 World Championships. We simply couldn’t afford for us both to go. Once again, hubby was right there, telling me that I HAD to go, I couldn’t turn it down. It tore my heart out to know that I couldn’t take him, and that he would miss probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to see amazing sights like the Great Wall of China. 


Never mind all that, he wasn’t there with me on the start line, carrying my stuff, organising me and calming my nerves. It was one of the toughest trips I ever had to make. I managed to make him and myself proud though. Following a serious head injury only 8 weeks before the race, I completed the race, achieving my original goal of a top 20 position for the first time in a World Championships. 

The best part was, he was watching the live feed, saw me cross the finish line, then spoke to me on the phone minutes later. 

Mark, I couldn’t do it all without you. 🙂

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