Ham Strings and Tree tops!

Dustin Eli Brunson Photography

There are so many inspirational quotes that I read, keep, and use to inspire me, that it is hard to narrow it down to just one for today’s daily promptWhen I first took up triathlon I was happy just to get to the end of the race. When I got a coach, I was happy to get into the qualification top 4 to get onto the Great Britain team, but then very quickly, it became obvious that my running needed a little more work than the other two elements. I then got a track coach. He was working on posture with me, saying I slouched too much and needed to drive off the back foot more.

The track where we trained was flanked by roads on two sides, but the other two sides were against a bank, meaning that when you ran down the back straight, your slightly elevated position meant that straight ahead in your eye-line was the tree tops.

I figured that if I wasn’t driving off the back foot as much as I should, perhaps I had weak ham strings, proportionally, and needed to engage them more. I needed a strap line of some sort that I could say to myself, a hook that would remind me of the new, tall standing driving running position that I needed to adopt in training and racing. Thus, I came up with this phrase, which I used for well over 18 months, till the new running position was engrained in me

‘Ham strings and tree tops!’

It made absolutely no sense at all to most other people, but it really worked for me. Now, I don’t need to use it anywhere near as much. It’s still there though, in the back of my mind, and I remember it if I am out running and find myself sloping along in a lazy incorrect fashion!  


3 Comments on “Ham Strings and Tree tops!

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  2. Great post. Isn’t it funny how something that doesn’t mean anything to anyone else can mean everything to ourselves? A bit of nonsensical verbiage, said in the right context, to the right person can mean the whole world.

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