Podium finish?

Bucket lis and penToday’s prompt was simple: what is the 11th thing on your bucket list?

In my post a few days ago, when the prompt was about New Years resolutions, I made a bucket list then, as that is how I would determine whether things were completed, I like checking things off lists.

So this prompt couldn’t be simpler! I arranged the list alphabetically, because I couldn’t decide which were more or less important.

Number 11 was

‘Stand on the podium at some kind of sporting event’

PodiumThis is something I have been quietly jealous of ever since I got fit, lost weight and took up sport. I have managed top 4 in a triathlon in the past, but top 3 would just be soooooooooo cool!

I do not doubt that it is a high goal to achieve but it would be the icing on the cake that is my weight loss and sporting journey. How cool would it be to say that formerly inactive and obese little old me managed a top 3?!

For now, I am not focussing on the goal, I am focussing on the small steps. Fitness, focus and dedication to my training will ensure that I achieve the best that I can achieve. Lets see where that takes me. 🙂

8 Comments on “Podium finish?

  1. It’s not a stupidly high goal; I’ve made 3rd place in a few races. However, you also have to consider the competition…
    Interesting that you aren’t focusing on the goal, but rather on the small steps. I see the steps as the path to the goal; without the goal the you are wandering aimlessly; the steps lead nowhere.
    Wishing you Good Luck for further success in 2013!

    • What I meant was in order to achieve the goal, if I just focus on it, I am not focussing on the training I am doing each day, which means I will not perform my best. Focus needs to be within to get 100%. Although I am not focussing on the goal, I know where the steps lead. Does that make sense?

  2. **Well, you’re off to a better start than me because I don’t yet have a bucket list…I’ve got a list of places I still want to travel to see; but no bucket list. I thought those were just for people up in age or dying! So before I can begin the latest DP assignment; I’ll first be making a bucket list. Enjoyed reading yours…

    • Haha! I only created mine a few days ago after the New Years resolutions daily post. That web site seemed like a great way to collate it and making a list I thought was the way to go. I had a ton of things swimming about in my head that I always said I wanted to do, that listing them was quite simple. I’m still adding too! When you make a list let
      me know, would love to read it 🙂

      • Ahhh I’m going to do a list for sure. Probably this weekend. So tight on time weekday evenings..I’m sure I’ll peek my head onto your page then also:)

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