2012: Success! Onwards to 2013!

My 2010 new years resolutions

 In 2010 I wrote a blog detailing what my new years resolution was for that year.

In 2010 I am not sure that I thought out a way of measuring the success of my goals, so I could say that I succeeded, but that would be opinion based, mostly. the goals were a bit too vague in their nature. 

In 2011, one of my goals was to always see the bigger picture. That year, I completed the NLP practitioners course, and that is when my eyes were really opened. I knew about SMART goals but didn’t really know what that meant and how to apply it. I knew about the glass half empty / glass half full scenario, but thought nothing more of it (until I was reminded by my husband that I always saw the pessimistic side of things!) I was shown how to create a proper SMART goal, and that was when I created my goal for 2012. 

S = Specific. my 2010 goal ‘be more decisive’ was not that specific. also, state the goal in the positive, do not write ‘I must not..’

M = Measurable. How will you know when you achieve it? what are your success criteria? again, my 2010 goal fails there too. 

A = As if now. Write the goal in the present tense. Imagine you are in the NOW, achieving your goal as you write it. What does it look / smell / feel like? 

R = What resources will you / do you need to achieve your goal? make sure the goal is realistic

T = Time measured. WHEN will you achieve your goal? 

In 2012 my goal was to get onto the Great Britain team and compete in the World Championships in New Zealand. This was a goal because I was recovering from a head injury following an accident that took place just before the 2011 World Championships. I feared that the accident might set my training back so far that I may not get back onto the team. That combined with triathlon’s growing popularity means that the team spots become more and more competitive each year. 

Written, following the guidelines above, it looked like this: 

‘It is October 2012. I have trained as hard as I am abel to train, I have gained a place on the Great Britain team and I am racing in the World championships in Auckland, New Zealand.’

I focussed on the goal, with lazer eyed focus, throughout the first 5 months of 2012. I wanted to be sure that I worked the hardest I could in the training. Despite injury, I achieved my 2012 New Year’s resolution, and competed the world championships. I was realistic about the race related goal, I wanted to complete the race, not be last for my team and not be last in the world. I knew that I was not running at my best, so I set a realistic achievable goal that I also succeeded at. 

Auckland, World Champs, October 2012
Auckland, World Champs, October 2012

Goal achieved. Now onwards to 2013….

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