New Years Goals to create a life changing 2013

Last year I wrote a blog showing you how you can set great goals that will work, and that you will achieve. 

This years New Years resolutions blog is going to be different. How do you SIGNIFICANTLY change your 2013? Imagine that this was your last 3 months on this planet? What New Years Goals would you set now? 

I think I would develop a bucket list:

bucket list If you like social networking and want to share this bucket list and your progress, is a great site to use. On this site, you can create your bucket list, which people can follow, and you can post your progress, including video links and so on. The list is editable throughout. 

Where do you start? 

Write your bucket list down (trust me, just do it!)
Have a minimum of 10 items (life is too short to have a tiny list)
Think BIG (even if something seems impossible right now)
Get specific (you’re more likely to accomplish things this way)
Don’t worry about what other people may think (bucket lists are about YOU)
Read your bucket list regularly and get active (only YOU have the power to make things happen!)

Here is my bucket list so far.

What could you put on your list? 

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Go on a humanitarian trip to Africa
  • Rent an camper van and travel for a month
  • Climb Mt. Fuji with your best friend
  • Win a merit based scholarship
  • See every country in Europe
  • Become a foster parent
  • See all of the National Parks
  • Take a cross country road trip
  • Go on all the rides at Disneyland
  • Complete a triathlon
  • Teach an adult how to read
  • Take a transatlantic cruise
  • Spend the night in a Medieval castle
  • Sing karaoke solo in front of total strangers
  • Get a black belt in karate
  • Learn how to fly a plane
  • See all the ancient wonders in Egypt
  • Have a conversation with a stranger in a foreign language
  • Star in a TV commercial
  • Travel entirely by train on a 6 month trip through Europe
  • Take a trip to see glaciers and polar bears
  • Ride the top 10 highest roller coasters in the world
  • Ride on a ship through the Panama Canal
  • Walk the entire length of the Great Wall of China
  • Swim to and stand behind a giant waterfall
  • Give a graduation speech to 3,000 students
  • Zip line across the Amazon rainforest
  • Visit every island in South East Asia
  • Have dinner with your favourite musician
  • Get entirely out of debt
  • Become a home owner
  • Save a life becoming a bone marrow donor
  • Audition for a game show
  • Become the president of a community organization
  • Swim the channel
  • Help someone complete an item on their bucket list
  • Be a featured artist at a local gallery or business
  • Learn how to drive a stock car 
  • Start your own business
  • Invent a board game.
  • Do stand-up comedy
  • Go camping.
  • Ride a gondola in Venice
  • Learn to salsa dance
  • Host Saturday Night Live.
  • Visit a Renaissance fair.
  • Find your life’s passion.
  • Witness an eclipse.

So, what did you put on your list? if you join do tell me, and we can share dreams! 

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