The Early years: Small world, big dreams!

Me, age 2

Today’s prompt: ‘Write page three of your autobiography.’

My autobiography wouldn’t actually start at day 1, it would start with the moment that changed my life path in the biggest way, and that is the day I went into Dorothy Perkins to buy new trousers and needed to buy size 18 because 16 no longer fitted me. 

So, with that in mind, I will loosely sketch out what page three might be, which could possibly take me back to my early childhood, as the title suggests.

The early years:

I have sketchy memories of childhood. I remember being just an ordinary kid, nothing that special. I didn’t stand out, wasn’t really clever, but could play the flute from a really early age, which put me into school concerts permanently from about the age of 6, whether I liked it or not!

You know you are no longer young when both your schools have now been flattened to make way for bigger newer Academies. 

My walk to school would nowadays be deemed far too dangerous for a junior school child to make alone. I either walked up the main streets, which took me past Phylis’s sweet shop, or up the ginnel, which took me through waste ground and past a cement works.

Phyllis had an old traditional sweet shop, just like they were meant to be. I used to look longingly over her little wooden counter and the shelves and shelves of jars of a huge variety of boiled sweets. You bought them by the quarter, and were given them in a little paper bag, twisted at the corners. The door would set off a bell, and through the chain link curtains Phyllis would appear, from her lounge in the back of the shop. She lived there too, you see. That’s how it used to be. 

The walk through the waste ground was memorable for the day (in 1978 I think it was) when Mum made me trudge to school in feet and feet of snow: ‘you’re not having a day off’ she ordered. When I got there, exhausted, the school was shut! Thanks Mum! 

Little did I know what life had in store for ordinary little old me. I would see the invention of computers, the internet, mobile phones and digital white boards, not the old chalk boards they had when I was at school. 


I guess My word limit must be just about up for page 3! Want to know what happens? You will have to wait and see if I actually write that book! Ha ha ha. 

3 Comments on “The Early years: Small world, big dreams!

  1. This was great!
    I’ve been reading the Page 3 posts of others to get a handle on how these DP challenges work…I’ve only participated in photo challenges thus far so am unsure about the whole thing!
    off to the next one…

    • I guess I’m lucky. When I went to secondar school. Caught a public service bus, so never had to get school busses at all. I bet they were a nightmare.

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