Christmas thoughts

My Christmas Day post will incorporate a little of the queens speech plus thoughts and reflections.

The Queens Speech

The Diamond jubilee and its celebrations showed the strength of the fellowship of Great Britain. On the banks of the Thames, HRH Queen Elizabeth paid tribute to those who shaped the past and future of Great Britain with the huge show of boats, plus the people on the bridges and banks of the river. There was a common determination and triumph over the elements on that day.

The same spirit was shown with Olympics, the flame drew hundreds of thousands of people together. Many were nominated to carry flame for their own extra ordinary service. London hosted splendid family of sport, further inspired by a skilled and dedicated team of athletes. The nation was given the chance to share excitement and drama with the athletes. Any success depends on dedication of army of volunteers, a great tradition of this country.

Christmas is a time of coming together, for others service comes first. HRH Queen Elizabeth paid tribute to the armed forces and emergency services. She also mentioned those who have lost loved ones, this day is full of memories. Think of those on their own. Spirit of togetherness is heart of The Christmas story.

This is the time of year when god sent his only son to serve for us. This Christmas day She hopes that his example of his teaching will continue to bring people together and give the best of themselves in the service of others.

The carol in the bleak mid winter mentioned how God gave himself to us in humble service. What can I give him poor as I am? The carol gives the answer yet what I can I give him, I give my heart.

Thoughts and reflections


Today is a special day. Special for many reasons. Today is a day for family, reflection, hope, love, many more things.


Spend a moment to give a thought for the loved ones that you have around you every day, yet perhaps do not always show appreciation for. Spend a moment to pick up the phone and talk to a few family members and loved ones that you cannot or do not talk to, for whatever reason. Spend a few moments thinking about all those that you have loved and lost, and remember all the happy times that you had together. What would you say to them, if you could wish them Happy Christmas today? For me it would be my Grandad, who has not seen his granddaughter achieve not one but two degrees, and then go on to represent her country in sport for 5 consecutive years.


Think about all the positive aspects of your 2012. What have YOU achieved that you are proud of? Here is mine:

  • An amazing 5th place in the European championships, fitting my way back from a head injury last year
  • Qualifying for Great Britain for the world championships in New Zealand
  • My amazing trip with hubby to New Zealand, the race, and the road trip around the beautiful country afterwards
  • Being a Gamesmaker in the London Olympics, how proud I was to be part of such an historic sporting event.
  • completing that World championships race, being a proud GB 12th, not last Brit and not last in the age group despite a serious knee injury that i found out about 2 weeks before hand, and that required surgery as soon as I got back


What are your hopes and dreams for 2013? Sketch them out loosely in your brain, thinking about what your hopes and dreams are, which you can later put into goals and targets.

Mine are:

  • Get the knee back up to speed to enable me to race in the European championships for team GB in Turkey
  • Gain a spot back on what will be a very competitive team GB so I can race in a home World a championships in London next Summer.

What’s yours?

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