Summary and reflection: 2012 in blogs!

This week’s writing challenge asks for and end of year wrap up, in blogging terms. This can take any form from year summary, to events, to statistics.

My blog has only been hosted on WordPress since August, when I moved it from another blog host. I have to say firstly, a huge thank you to WordPress and to you as the readers, this interface makes for a much more friendly blogging community where people actually talk, visit and give feedback on other blogs, and already my reader hits are way up by comparison to when my blog was hosted elsewhere. Thank YOU as the readers, for visiting, reading and talking!

The top 5 hitting blogs so far:

  1. World Champs 2012: race day
  2. Weekly photo challenge – renewal
  3. Anxiety in sport (and life!) NLP can help
  4. Weekly Photo challenge: Big
  5. Knee verdict and long term prognosis

Coming in at number 4 was my ‘about me’ page, but I wasn’t sure whether to include that or not, as it isn’t a blog post as such.

My top hitting month, in the very few I have been here was October when I started my daily blogging from the World championships in New Zealand. I feel very flattered, and inspired so I have kept up the daily blogging since then!

The top hitting countries are:

  1. UK
  2. USA
  3. New Zealand
  4. Australia
  5. Canada

BUT… the list of countries that there have been site hits from exceeds 20 so far! Wow!

My Highs of 2012

  • Starting the new job in a special school teaching Autistic students
  • New triathlon coach, Emma Davis
  • Trip to New Zealand to the World championships
  • My amazing 5th place in the European triathlon championships in Israel
  • The Sky Tower jump!
  • being involved in the London 2012 Olympics as a Gamesmaker
  • Tough Mudder!

My Lows of 2012

  • Being told that I have early onset arthritis, grade 4 damage on the cartilage in my knee and will likely need a knew knew knee within 10 years
  • Finding all this out 2 weeks before the World triathlon championships
  • My beloved cat dying suddenly of mouth cancer in April

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