There’s no time for ‘I can’t’


Feel lucky, this is a SCHOOL
Feel lucky, this is a SCHOOL

I don’t know why I am seeing the world differently right now, but lately all the people on social media who are complaining, moaning about their ailments and injuries, the things they have decided that they cannot do, they are all getting to me, just a little bit. This is a picture of some children in India, a ‘free school’ where children are sitting under and underpass, learning. We are far too wrapped up in our comforts to consider how lucky we are some times.

I guess its all a case of how you see the world. I used to be a glass half empty person. Now I am on the other side. It is a happier place to be for sure. Life is far too short to be in a stress. Life is too short to be worrying about things you cannot control. Life is far too short to be wasting time and energy thinking about small irrelevant details.

Negative breeds negative. If you spend your time focussing on being miserable, that is what will happen. When I was not allowed to train, I ate rubbish and felt sorry for myself. How did that help? It didn’t. When I decided to go out there and get myself a life, and another form of motivation, I felt great. It broke a cycle. I have no time for I cant’s. Life is too short.

Need a positive mind set injection? Then share mine.

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