How to rehab a knee injury


I have been researching how what you eat can help with injury rehab, but obviously the important thing is what training to tackle to deal with rehabbing an injury.

How to tackle swimming

Ordinarily one would think that swimming is a great option. For a knee injury that is bad. The foot is not fixed on a platform, it’s constant kicking, aggravating it through constant movement. So, I was told to do all my swimming without legs. Effectively a permanent pull buoy swim set. You want to see the looks I get when I chick the men whilst only using my arms! It certainly motivates them to try harder!

Aqua jogging

20121115-070952.jpgWhen I then climbed out of the fast lane, and into the slow lane, the life guard came over to talk to me, concerned that I would get frustrated while trying to do my warm down! I had to explain that now I was aqua jogging, because I had recently had surgery.

He went on to tell me how other people he has seen aqua jogging in the local pool are all triathletes, and all have fancy flotation belts, where was mine? He looked puzzled when I said I didn’t need one. ‘How do you not sink, I have tried it!’ He exclaimed, which them prompted a demonstration by me! All you have to do is simply push down on the water with flat palms, and retract hands as normal, arms following the usual run arms action.

What’s the best way to reintroduce sport with a knee injury?

  • use a pull buoy to disable legs whilst keeping you afloat
  • do not swim breast stroke
  • use aqua jogging
  • cross training is a good compromise to aqua jogging
  • make sure your foot is on a fixed platform, enabling stabilisation of the knee movement
  • don’t push through the pain. The knee will heal quicker if you don’t do that.
  • introduce cycling slowly, very easy at first, preferably static bike

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