How to get back up once you’re down


It’s ok to feel down. Its ok to have an off day. Is it ok to give up right there and then? No. What do you do?

Today was a tough day. It was crisp but sunny, many of my friends were reporting their training and sporting endeavours on the social networks.

Then there was me.

I am not allowed to do large volumes of walking, am not allowed to run or cycle and am only allowed to swim without legs, but not till tomorrow. I stopped reading the Facebook and twitter timelines, it was just getting to me. Instead I set about doing something else to lift my mood.

I got some jobs done, went to meet a friend for a chat, then went for a lovely relaxing full body massage.

Ways to fill your time and cheer yourself up

  • Have a relaxing massage / facial / all round pamper. You will feel better inside, and therefore better on the outside.
  • Arrange to meet and catch up with friends that you usually don’t regularly have time for. Socialising will help raise your endorphins.
  • Do some of those jobs you have been putting off for a while, you will feel a sense of achievement when they are complete.
  • Do your Christmas shopping online – it will spare you from the Christmas crowds too!
  • Savour the time and read a good book, watch a good film. You will be wishing this spare time back some time very soon!
  • If you have any other great ideas I could add to this list let me know.

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