Teeny steps back to exercise

20121207-220046.jpg It’s difficult to know what someone means when they say ‘did that hurt?’ You are looking confused… Let me explain.

I have been coping with pain for years. In the last few months, though, it has got closer to unbearable, hence the operation. But I have had pain for so long a cannot remember when the last time was that I did not have pain. So, ‘did that hurt’ takes on a whole new meaning. I have genuinely reframed my mind to consider pain to not be pain at all. The power of NLP is amazing.

Hurt to me means I maybe had to pause for a moment from what I was doing, perhaps stop a moment. Hurt doesn’t mean ouch, I feel that all the time.

20121207-220725.jpg I had to revert to the visual analogue scale to standardise what I meant for my coach, who is planning the rehab.

All that sorted out, I was allowed to get on the turbo, for 15 minutes, as long as I kept the pain at a 0. You know, that was quite hard when I am used to having pain 100% of the time. BUT I did it. I was going so slow it was laughable, but I did it.

Like I always say, small steps are the best ones.

Looking forward to my arms only swim session on Sunday. It’s been almost a month. Can’t wait!

To help me stay positive about the possible mountain ahead of me I:

  • Focus on the small steps that I am working on right now.
  • Record the progress, so that on a down day I can re-read it and see how far I have come
  • Use my end goal as a motivator on days when the minor exercises seem silly and pointless
  • Reflect on how many things I have achieved so far, to reassure me that I CAN do this.


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