Weekly writing challenge: shift your perspective

This weeks writing challenge was to devise a blog post that was written in a different narrative form than the usual. I usually write in the first person, therefore I thought I would try and mix it up a little, perhaps try second person, third person, maybe epistolary (which means in the form of letters). More recently epistolary has included blog, email, recording, newspaper clippings, but traditionally it was in letter / diary form. The topic of the blog must be, yes, blogging!

You are wondering what this blog actually will say, whether it will actually be worth reading, or whether it will be a load of ‘twaddle’.

20121203-211107.jpg Melanie is an ordinary woman, for most of her life inactive and obese, and on the most part happy about that. An ordinary person like many people out there, perhaps like you. Till, that was, the day the balance tipped.

‘I wanted to buy a new pair of trousers one Christmas. I went to my usual shop, Dorothy Perkins. The trouble was that the trusty old size 16 didn’t fit any more. I needed to buy an 18. To me, that was unacceptable, so I needed to take action.’

Melanie went on to not only lose weight, but became a national story by losing 4.5 stone AND earning a place on the Great Britain team as a triathlete, competing all round the world against the best of the best. Her story hit all the national papers, and she was even invited onto breakfast television.

‘I couldn’t believe the interest, all I did was get fit and lose weight, it’s not rocket science.’

You are probably wondering how this is related to blogging. Melanie was contacted by many people up and down the country, all who were inspired by and could relate to her story. They wanted to know how she had done it, and how she managed to sustain the weight loss and massive life change.

20121203-211242.jpg ‘I came to realise that my ordinary story was inspiring lots of people to get fit. I didn’t expect that outcome at all! On reflection, I decided that there would be no harm in sharing a few tips with other people, perhaps I can help others to achieve their goals too.’

A few years down the line Melanie is still blogging, more recently on the more popular and more flexible and adaptable WordPress platform. She writes about a wide range of topics, usually health, weight loss, fitness and training related. Her blogs are formed by questions raised on social networks, topics in the news, or things that simply pop into her head. All this is obviously ALS flavoured with her own health and fitness story.

‘I am pleased that people find the blogs informative. I don’t write to be popular, write about things that come up, or things that I wonder, or even things I discover that may be interesting and helpful to others. I get asked questions a lot, even now, five years on. I am pleased that I can help and inspire others to achieve their goals.’

20121203-210938.jpg Melanie was originally inspired to start triathlon by reading the autobiography of Jane Tomlinson, a very famous and inspirational cancer sufferer from Leeds. Jane shot to fame after completing the London marathon whilst on Chemotherapy. She went on to raise huge sums of money for her cancer charity Jane’s Appeal, by cycling across Europe and America, completing several ironman triathlons and virus other amazing sporting challenges.

‘Thank you for reading the blog. If you think there is someone that might be inspired to lose weight and chase their sporting goals, please pass on the URL, and also visit the web site, where you can find all sorts of free information. Please do also share your story and thoughts, love to hear from people and hear their thoughts and dreams.’

One Comment on “Weekly writing challenge: shift your perspective

  1. Very good – I didn’t read the part that said we were supposed to write about blogging… (I never was very good at following instructions) 🙂

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