Medial Menisectomy recovery: the first 2 weeks

the RIGHT was operated on, not that you can tell!

It has now been two weeks since the operation to repair my medial meniscus. Although I am beginning to get frustrated, I have to admit, the progress has been very good so far.

Compared to what I thought was originally wrong with it, I can’t really complain. The original verdict didn’t quite turn out to be true, and some time in the future, I will need a new knee. That’s life, I cannot do anything about that. So, for now, I am focussing on the rehab and getting back to swimming, biking and running.

knee collage

How did it progress?

  • By day 5 I was supposed to be able to drive. I didn’t feel steady enough on my feet, so didn’t drive till day 10.
  • I did not go back to work after 7 days. I still wasn’t mobile enough for a job as physical, and that involved as much standing and walking as teaching
  • I was able to bend the knee beyond 90 by day 4.
  • I was able to walk without a limp by day 7
  • I was able to ascend stairs one foot per step without pain on day 7
  • I was able to do all my leg raise exercises without pain by day 7, so I progressed to writing my name in small movements with my foot, using a tennis ball.
  • I was able to descend stairs one foot per step without pain on day 11.
  • On day 12 I began load bearing exercises (2 legged squats, body weight only, to 90 degrees)
  • On day 12 I was able to get full range of movement, my heel to touch my buttock. Its still a stretch, but I did it!

Next mini targets

  • Get the full stretch to a comfortable level
  • Begin swimming (freestyle only and aqua jogging)
  • Begin static cycling.

Watch this space!

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