How to avoid a muffin top!


This week I won the member of the week award at my local BNI Networking meeting. What did I say that was so special? It was my muffin top analogy.

I have used this before, and it is always effective. Here it is:

Have a think for a moment how many things you might have eaten today that contain carbs. Of those, how man had bad carbs, meaning fast release, night GI, for example, sugars, white potatoes, white rice / pastas?

Now, by comparison, think about how many times today you have done something that raised your heart rate to a point where your heart beats faster, and your feel warm, slightly breathless but still comfortable and able to talk… for longer than ten minutes?

The main function of carbohydrate is for energy. By that I mean energy exerted by by movement as described above, that raises your heart rate for a sustained time. If you have had a sedate, non energetic day, in effect, your body will need much less carbohydrate, so you should be considering changing the balance of food intake to incorporate more protein, but overall, you exert less energy so need less fuel.

Have you ever thought about how much you eat and how it relates to how much exercise you do?

That very thought is the key to effective weight management.

Can you have your cake and eat it? YES! If your cake is the right size!

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