Offer I couldn’t refuse: the day NLP changed my life

Daily prompt: Offer I couldn’t refuse

2010. I am in Budapest. Its the World championships, and its a couple of days before my big race. This is the second time I have raced in a World Championships, and although I am not as nervous as the very first, sufficed to say I am pretty nervous!!

credit: Shamil Tanna

I booked in my usual massage with Kim Ingleby, one of the GB Sports Massage team. When I booked the appointment she said ‘do you want to do some head stuff too?’ I asked what on earth she meant. She just loosely described it as prep stuff. Yeah, why not, I thought.

She asked me to prepare before hand, by writing down all the things that could go wrong, to ruin my perfect race. EASY!!!

I filled the page in minutes with hundred of what ifs!

She then asked me to write down what I would consider to be my perfect race, and what would that entail. That one was harder.

When I arrived at the session, I had no idea what was in store for me. Little did I know it would be a life changing session.

Kim successfully managed to unscramble, pick apart then put together my brain leaving me emotionally exhausted afterwards. I wasn’t exactly sure what had just occurred. All I do know, was the sheet of what ifs I created were all shot down in flames and I was told to tear it all up and believe that it was all nonsense. She wouldn’t let me go till she was sure I meant it.

The next day, I knocked out a 4 minute PB in my race.

NLP works. I know, I use it.

I was so impressed with this amazing new skill that I wanted to learn more and share it with others. So I enrolled on a course to become a qualified NLP practitioner and coach. There are so many things that you can still learn about the power of your mind, the power of positive thought, and the power of language.

Do you want to gain the edge over your competitors? That could be business, or sport, it doesn’t matter.

Call me, and I can teach you how to do it too.

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